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9 Monday struggles for cats that aren't Garfield

9 Monday struggles for cats that aren't Garfield

There's more than just one cat that hates Mondays.



1) When your alarm goes off  but you feel like you've only slept for 10 minutes

A bit angry.. 


 2) Contemplating if quitting your job is worth  that extra hour in bed

Grumpy Cat at Toy Fair 2014 with Ganz products 


3) Catching your reflection on the way to work and realising you look a mess

Ice Pouncer 


4) At work fighting the urge to sleep

Is this cat giving me an annoyed look? 


5) "You look tired"

Very Annoyed Mushu



6) Feeling like 3 hours have passed but its only been 5 minutes

!!!!! (also known as Freaky Friday Felines) 



7) When #MondayMotivation just isn't helping




8) Realising that Monday is very very far from Friday

If cats had frowns 



9) When you finally get home

musi the cat 



10) This shirt that perfectly describes our feelings towards Mondays


December 07, 2015 by 123t funny t-shirts